Our Company


STATUS IN – K. S. KOUVARAS & CO G.P. is active in the 

field of plexiglas construction and design since 1996 with great success.

The main factors that contributed to the rapid growth of the company and gave it a leading role in the market is the long experience, its expert staff, the most technological equipment with laser cutting, engraving and thermoforming machines, its reliable partnerships and its innovative applications and proposals.

The company’s rich in quality and quantity clientele vouches for the reliability and solvency as well as for

 the quality and durability of its products and the efficiency of its operations. We are always at your service for any further information or clarification about the material and its applications and we are willing to help you to present your products and ideas or decorate your space in the best possible way.Through your appreciation we derive the strength to continue and to offer you even more.


Company Responsibility

Our values ​​& our commitment for integrity

Our concern to maintain and strengthen the trust that characterizes our relationships with our customers, our employees, our partners, our suppliers and – on a wider level – with the society we are part of, achieving consistent high standards of behavior and care.

Our good reputation and our future is based on the personal responsibility of both the management and of its employees, everywhere and every day, about the company’s behavior.

Standards of individual and collective behavior are applied by all of us in status in, in every action that concerns the company, since our philosophy is that there must be absolutely no gap between our words and actions.
The service of our customers is the main objective of our each activity. Business relationships that build on trust and mutual benefit, where both sides benefit, are vital importance for our success.

We respect the opinions and their needs and try to satisfy them in the best possible way, by adapting our actions to the changing market conditions. We believe in creating mutual benefits, understanding the needs of customers, contractors, suppliers, behaving honestly, responsibly and fairly and in full compliance with the Laws.

Believing that the human potential of the status in is her bigger capital, we create a labour environment of reciprocal confidence and respect as well as equal occasions of employment, in which each worker does know what waits for the company from his work, has continuous help and guidance as well as feedback for his output, has attendance and is heard his opinion for subjects that concern in the improvement of her output team, being treated fairly and meritocratic, finds support in the confrontation of personal problems or needs, in order to transform our organization into learning organization. We prevent any form of abuse or harassment, moral or sexual, in any workplace of the company, to employees, contractors, suppliers, customers or others.

Based on the triptych, no damage to the environment, no harm to people, no accident, we fully comply with the legal obligations but also with the rules of company, we ensure a safe working environment that protects employees, customers, partners, assets and all our operations from dangers that can cause injuries, losses, damage or disasters. We maintain the public’s trust in the integrity of our operations and we each consult outside of the company that can help us to better understand their impact.

We would work aiming in improvements that are measurable and contribute in the upgrade of life of local society with respect in the environment and its needs.

As far as our capabilities are concerned, we will ensure that the local society in which we pursue our professional activity benefits from the wealth and employment opportunities that are created in the local population, from the growth of our activities.

Sincerely yours,

Kouvaras Konstantinos